Tarmo Likki Leather Fly Swatter


Designer: Tarmo Likki

Design Year: 1989

Brand: Essey

John Brauer founded Essey around the concept of using symbolism or metaphors to promote a given function or the inner nature of an object. This “symbolic functionalism” is the heart of Essey’s design philosophy.

Designer of the flyswatter, Tarmo Likki, is a finnish autodidact designer. Since 1979 Tarmo Likki has designed and manufactured leather products such as shoulder bags, rug sacks and footwear. 

Item Description: No matter where you live, there is always a season for flies. The fly swatter fits perfectly for Essey due to it's design and function. It was carefully crafted by hand in Marmoset in Tampere, Finland. The arm of the fly swatter is sustainably harvested Finnish birch. The ‘swat’ is made of high quality leather which will surely stand the test of time to be handed down from generation to generation. This is a must have for every home. Available in 2 colors.

Materials: Leather and birch wood

Dimensions: Grand Illusion: W: 4mm x H: 20" x Ø 17.3" / Illusion: W: 3mm x H: 17.4" x Ø 16"

Made in: Finland