About Us


We were brought together by fate and a passion for everything home design. Fortunate enough to move on from our former positions, we collectively created Canteen Lifestyle & Design in 2020; online retail store & a lifestyle design firm….and now a BRICK and MORTAR! 

 Together we’ve accumulated over 40+ years of experience in the retail/wholesale and home decor industry. (eek, that makes us sound old….). One a wholesale textile designer and owner, the other a fashion & home interior merchandiser/designer.

Canteen is more than just our business. To us, it is at the core of who we are as people. It embodies our passion of doing what we love for people that we love to work with.  As home-makers, creators, moms, wives, sisters and daughters, we are always merging work with day to day life. It is our belief that your home should be a beautiful backdrop for the many memories to be made in it over the years.
Our collaboration, Canteen, is meant to bring that backdrop to those clients we are fortunate enough to work with in person as well as those of you who shop with us online. We hope each piece you collect from our site adds to the  backdrop you’ve created in your space and further transforms your house into a home. Happy home-making.