Handwoven Heritage Bicycle Basket Large - Arrows

$80.00 $105.00

 hand woven bicycle basket that are beautiful and functional.  

Our elegant handwoven bike baskets come in S and L in  patterns that enlighten your peddle travel just a wee bit more. Leather and brass details finish these baskets, the ultimate in artisanal biking luxury. Born to ride indeed!

Woven by artisans in collaboration to create sustainable jobs and fair and meaningful work.

Time honoured weaving technique using elephant grass and their very own “rhythm and flow”.  Each curve is the handprint or signature of the weaver who has expertly handcrafted your basket, we celebrate the unique differences in each and every piece.

Measurements: 15"-16"W x 9"-10"H.  Please note due to the hand woven nature size may vary up to and inch or so each way.