Eden - Garden Designs


Paradise gardens by Marcel Wolterinck• A new book by the internationally successful designer and stylist.

  • Takes you through the designs and choice of materials and plants of 25 gardens around the world
  • Presented in the same luxury linen finish as Designing Your World I and II

For Marcel Wolterinck – one of the Netherlands’ leading designers – indoors and outdoors are inextricably linked. This is most evident in his all-encompassing projects, in which his studio designs both the interior and exterior of a property as well as the garden. But even when redesigning existing gardens, Wolterinck is focused on ensuring that the outside is a natural extension of the inside. Besides the understated use of colour – predominantly green – Wolterinck’s garden designs are characterized by simplicity, balance and contrasts. Sightlines create depth and space, while garden rooms provide a sense of intimacy. Wolterinck typically draws inspiration from the architecture in the immediate vicinity of the house, and then increasingly allows the garden to blend with its natural surroundings towards the edges. In his latest book, Eden - Garden Designs, Wolterinck presents 21 of his garden-design projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad: from Laren to Crete and from Zwolle to Tel Aviv. Wolterinck shares insights into the thought process behind each design, including his decisions for plants and materials, as the sumptuous photos take you on a journey through his ‘gardens of Eden’.