California Homes II : Studio William Hefner


• Studio William Hefner's treatise is to create homes that inspire, nurture, and transform the lives of the families who inhabit them


• Each home concept is fine-tuned to fulfil the client's dreams and caters to each individual's unique idiosyncrasies


• The practice produces a strong personal imprint on each project that resonates more intimately within the lives of the homeowners


Southern California, blessed with an enviable climate, progressively discerning individuals, talented craftspeople, and impassioned artisans, sets the stage for this lushly illustrated volume of work. The book features the work of the renowned Los Angeles–based firm, Studio William Hefner, a practice that integrates architecture, interior design, and landscape. The studio's impressive portfolio is distinguished by an aesthetic sensibility that merges an elegant simplicity with a luxury of details and materials. Hefner's signature airy, light-filled spaces effortlessly embrace California's natural beauty. This richly illustrated monograph on Hefner's work showcases beautiful homes, from contemporary to traditional, each conveying the details and depth of design character that make Studio William Hefner's oeuvre so unique. Studio William Hefner is a master architect whose California-based luxury residential designs are richly detailed and bright, with private views of abundant landscapes and lush gardens.